America Believes In Public Education and takes pride in a long tradition of great public schools. A strong public education system is the key to job creation, a thriving middle class, and a brighter economy. Public education embodies the values of freedom and equality that serve as the bedrock of our democracy. We cannot succeed unless our schools successfully educate all.

But our nation's tradition of great public schools is truly threatened. There are shameful personal and direct attacks on teachers. Across the country, many states, including Wisconsin, have made unprecedented cuts to K-12 funding, building upon previous cuts to funding that make the challenge of teaching students even harder. Resources are being diverted to private, religious schools through the use of vouchers, and "charter" schemes reduce teaching quality and let for-profit companies take over public schools.

These huge changes to our nation's public education system hurt our children and damage the economy.

We call on elected leaders to uphold our states' constitutional guarantees of high-quality public education for ALL children. We demand the protection of our nation's valued tradition of public education. We urge full funding of public schools and a rejection of these policy changes that are ideologically-driven, unproven, and unaccountable, have not been vetted and debated openly, and are opposed by public school parent groups and education professionals.

I Believe In Public Education. We Believe in Public Education.
America Believes in Public Education.

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